Gowanbank Parent Council

About Us

Gowanbank Parent Council are a group of parents selected by all parents of the in  our school to represent their views. We have an important role to play in our school improvement, by ensuring that the parental perspective is represented and taken into account.

As a parent council we help  to create an environment where all parents know that their views matter, and where they feel confident and comfortable putting them forward. We work on behalf of all parents to discuss educational matters that are of importance to all. Although we  do not get involved in individual matters relating to children or staff in the school.

Our bold and ambitious journey



Over the next three years, Gowanbank Parent Council will embark upon a bold and ambitious journey to use education as our platform without barriers to improve lives in a phenomenal way for our children, parents, carers and wider community.

During this journey, we will focus on the building blocks of Gowanbank Parent Council: Engage, Advocate, Enable, Encourage and Educate.

Let’s be sure of one thing, these are not just words; these are pillars holding us to account