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What We Do

#GowanbankACTION make phenomenal changes to the lives of our children , parents &  cares and our community by providing help and support to  improve financial & emotional wellbeing, relationships and educational pathways.

You to can make a phenomenal change for good when you choose to donate to us.

GowanbankACTION believes that all people within our community including our children, parents & Carers and wider community should have an equal chance to live, thrive and flourish.  Your donation will make a huge difference to a tp some in need of your help– ensuring they have enough to eat, an education, People to talk to and faith, hope and ambition for the future.

04 Mar, 2021

Gowanbank Parent Council Core

Raised: £20.00 / Goal: £0
18 Feb, 2021

Gowanbank Grub

Raised: £0 / Goal: £5,000.00


Financial wellbeing

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We help to tackle the financial and material effects of poverty on people and communities

Emotional wellbeing & Relationships

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We ensure to  people have emotional wellbeing, and confidence and strength in their relationships with others

Education & Employment Pathways

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We help to equip people for the future by supporting learning and skills