Gowanbank Parent Council

Safeguarding Policy

1. Aims of this policy

Gowanbank Parent Council take the welfare of children, young people and
vulnerable adults seriously. As a parent council we may be made aware, either
individually or as a group, of concerns for a child’s safety. This policy pertains
only to something you become aware of directly through your role in the parent council.

This policy should be read in conjunction with Connect PVG and Child Protection pack and the school’s Child Protection and Welfare procedures.

2. Action

● If there is an immediate risk to a child you should call 999.

● In the event that you are made aware of a safeguarding risk to a child you
should contact the safeguarding officer at the school or the head at your
earliest convenience.

● If the group is made aware of any safeguarding risk to a child one named
person (the Chairperson) shall be responsible for reporting to the safeguarding officer or the head at their earliest convenience.

● When one person is made aware of a risk to a child they should not discuss
this with other members of the group to ensure confidentiality is kept as much as possible.

● If anyone in the group is made aware of any other issues that do not constitute a risk to a child but that may need to be investigated or taken further they should bring the information to the group for discussion.

3. Complaints

We will make a reference to Disclosure Scotland if an individual harms a child or puts a child at risk of harm. If necessary, the police will also be informed.

The Parent Council may take the decision to remove the person from their post or they may leave of their own accord. Any complaint will be investigated in line with the Parent Council Code of Conduct.