Gowanbank Parent Council

Social Media Policy

Aim of this policy

Gowanbank Parent Council is aware of its responsibilities towards the school
community when using social media. This policy sets guidelines for parents and carers on using social media sensibly, rationally and respectfully and the procedures for dealing with unacceptable behavior.

This policy relates specifically to the Parent Council’s social media activity and is unrelated to Gowanbank Primary School and LCRs’ own social media policy.

Please note: The Parent Council has no administrative responsibilities for the
Gowanbank Primary School and LCRs’ website or Twitter feed. Any queries relating to these should be directed to the school.

How We Use Social Media

The Parent Council uses the following social media platforms:

List each platform you use and how you will use it. Examples as follows –

 Facebook Group – to communicate privately with the Parent Forum

 Facebook Page – to publicise our events and activities

 Twitter – to publicly communicate news about the school and promote our
activities and news.

Examples of posts include: reminders of meetings and school activities, requests for  help, notification of changes to school activities, thanks to helpers / volunteers, fundraising updates, charitable causes, community notices, etc.

Individual issues or concerns should be directed to the school.

Posts involving marketing or promoting business will be checked before approval.

Names and Photographs
Names or photographs should not be posted unless permission is granted by that person or the child’s parent / carer.

Unacceptable Behavior

The Parent Council has a zero tolerance for comments, content and photographs which are deemed to be abusive, bullying or threatening. Any such content will be removed by the administrators and a warning issued to the offender. If there is repeated abuse of the social media platform, the offender will be removed and blocked from the group. Admin’s decision is final.

If problems continue on an ongoing basis, the Parent Council will discuss the use of social media as a communication tool, and if in agreement, will stop using it.


Members of the Parent Council and those using the above social media platforms will use the following guidelines:

 They will consider the long term consequences of what they post.

 They will use the 10 minute rule by drafting the post; leaving for a while and
then considering whether the post is sensible, rational and respectful.

 They will ensure that nothing is posted to bring the Parent Council into

 They will not post photos without permission.


This policy will be reviewed periodically to reflect the changing nature of social media and to ensure it remains up-to-date and is fit for purpose.