Ways to Partner with Gowanbank Parent Council

Make a difference through a mutually beneficial partnership while making a difference to to the lives of many.


Why support us?

Gowanbank Parent Council with corporate partners to help them achieve their goals, while also making a difference to the lives of children, their parents and cares.  As a parent council me act only in the best interest of our school community, and we are flexible in how we do this.

We offer a unique opportunity for companies to support our community, at a time education, equality, and diversity  is in the public and political spotlight.


Our vision

We believe education is one of the most powerful things in life,  we can use education as a platform without barriers to improve lives  in a phenomenal way and, with your support, we can achieve this. There are a range of ways in which companies can partner with Gowanbank Parent Council.


Amazing , Phenomenal , Unforgettable Events

  • We will provide opportunities for sponsorship at upcoming events when it is safe for us to do so.
  • You can raise awareness of Gowanbank Parent Council through your events. Your events can create a valuable platform for Gowanbank Parent Council but also showcase your social impact – raising awareness and funds through brand partnership.
  • You may also choose to make us beneficiary of your events.


Strategic partnership opportunities

  • Hosting corporate networking events with us will help us to extend the reach of Gowanbank Parent Council, while ensuring your stakeholders can see the support you are giving
  • Through cause related sponsorship, you could pledge support for our cause through our campaigning events.